Monday, 5 March 2018

Trauma informed, trauma altered, and healing...

Here's a few thoughts on healing.
Primarily that it is as much a collective response, as an individual response.... the whole matters.

Mindful body work, that is to say working with the body, understanding the mind-body emotional biology, the workings in the relationship between thought, feeling, body chemistry and adaptive experience, with the intent to support healing, through writing healthy, stable neurology and endocrine balance through direct experience, exercise, dance, movement, massage, herbs etc.... No drugs, no abstract mentalisation, no medicalisation, no pathologising needed. Just accurate understanding, and caring support. If drugs aree to be used, then at least let it be honest, informed consent, evidence based rather than as a management tool, one that tends to become long term. Such mindful body work processes are more more responsive to each unique case, and they can hand the power, share the respsonsibility to heal with the individual, trusting that self healing, as much as professional expertise.. working together... Using thought and action, movement, breathing, diet etc to rewrite traumatised nueral networks, to allow old hyper alert routes to fall into non-use... combining this with creating a safe environment, and other material support is a proven route towards recovery. Dealing with what's happened, and what is, and looking to the future, at the same time.

It's critical that as part of a future we also deal with societal power dynamics that induce chronic stress... war, poverty, famine, corruption, abuse of power and the power of institutions, and ruling networks are a symptom... it's what happens when nurture is removed from the center of human affairs.

A culture that listens to children, that hears and engages with the heart of the child, that affirms the child's experience of self as her or his own, distinct and yet bonded..

That has to be at the center of treatment and social policy...

The inter-generational situational epi-genetic thread of trauma altered (informed?) behaviour across entire populations is real...

A child can relax into true self, when she or he feels understood, received and cared for.

A child who is 'acting out' is not being heard, nor understood.

If that becomes a pattern, if the child's experience with adults maintains that trajectory, if it is also part of a cultural trauma behaviour pattern that becomes institutionalised, then of course, in that social environment it is clear that some will become bullies, kings, and others will break, many will survive, some will thrive, some will try to hack the system to create personal and familial security, others to give bullies the finger, and then there's the artist.... most will do their very best to live as decently as possible within those constraints.

So I look again at populations, and patterns, and I see that compassion informed by science - close observation, honesty - is merely common sense...

Judith Herman wrote that there were two things about the study of trauma that struck her, because they are so infrequently mentioned in mainstream discourse.

The first was that more study must be done of the vast numbers of people who have lived through trauma, and who have recovered, independent of any professional or institutional assistance. A missing statisitc, and a really critical database.

Natural healing needs to be understood, forensically.

The second was that the study of trauma is necessarily a political enterprise, in that it brings one's attention to the experience of the oppressed.....

I think she was correct, and it may be some time before that insight informs the grass roots - the status quo will seek to co-opt both these areas with whatever tools it has.... Standard practice.

That said the process of healing through understanding the roots of a given problem is underway, has always been and always will - I remember every day that I am really an aboriginal human being, and that my ancestors lived peaceably, and thrived for hundreds of thousands of years... we were a healthy species, and we have been subjected to an unhealthy culture of bullying, and it will pass, and we will return to healthy social behaviour.

When I say 'we' I do not expect myself to see this materialise, and I am happy to work towards it in my own small way, as a participant in life.
There has to be reliable ways to record and analyse mass anecdotal evidence of those who recover, even as it remains silent to the professional and institutional world.

The suggestion of the inaccuracy of self reporting is not enough on it's own to avoid the problem of how to 'measure' or assess that unspoken experience....

There are layers to how trauma 'informs' our biology, to how chronic stress alters our biochemistry and behaviour : the phrase 'trauma informed' reflects greater understanding in this area emerging into the clinical and practice level, and we need to see that understanding disseminated across the grass roots, at pace.

The 19th Century Ruling class, the persistent descendants of the Normans, antd their modern acolytes and rivals are also trauma informed, in that they represent a mass retraumatising institutional pattern that is deliberate, mediated and intentional... and we are trying to heal within the environment dominated by that mnass traumatisation, and that suggests to me that the issue of healing society is a valid exercise, a confrontation with the honest truth and neceesary to advocate for the healing of even he indivodual.

It blows political struggles for power out of the water in terms of being a truly valid human exercise.

Only accurate information that can truly counter the ability of the mainstream to trigger reactions in known vulnerabilities as part of the manipulation of 'opinion' and 'public perception' - when across the grass roots we do understand the wound-trigger-reaction process, the conspiracy theorists, extremists, fundamentalists will all fade into obscurity....

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Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Monday, 26 February 2018

Resolving the problem of School Shootings.

I am appalled at the slaughter of children by children.

It is utterly unspeakable.

War is utterly unspeakable.

What is clear is that the adult world is wholly responsible, in both cases.

Therefore the adult world must be made accountable for all that harm, trauma, blood and guts, maiming, terror. The adults must confront the nature of the power system, which is based on competing powers, and how that afflicts governance and people's lives.....

It has to stop.

It cannot stand as inevitable.

The children are innocent.

The only way to resolve the problem of school shootings is this.

You cannot solve a problem one has created, using the same consciousness that led to that problem in the first place. The radical goes to the verifiable evidence, is ruthlessly honest, and identifies the root of the problem.

Do with it what you will, it changes nothing in terms of the quality and accuracy of this observation of a social power dynamic.

This video articulates the truth. 'A voice in the wilderness', but really it is 'a voice of the wilderness, the natural child'

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Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find, and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is praxis.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Competing Powers, Violence and Taxation

"In a society that has institutionalised a hierarchy of lethal violence, a predator mixes in with the crowd, and in an egalitarian society, the predator sticks out like a sore thumb."

Families and communities lived and thrived in the city of Homs, before the war, which was escalated by the indirect support, materially and logistically, of violent militia... paid for by UK, US, Saudi and Qatari Tax payers...
1, We can see that the Ruling culture of Europe, before World War I, and II, was that of competing powers, all militarised, all seeking to enhance and expand their power and economic dominance through violence, intrigue and commercial exploitation of other countries, their peoples, and of each nations own people.. (take a look at the propaganda to support WWI in England and in the USA, where the majority of the working classes objected to war, but needed to be persuaded, manipulated into becoming cannon fodder ).. That culture of power that intentionally manipulates a population into mass violence was and remains a pathology, a disease, a sickness.... "In a society that has institutionalised a hierarchy of lethal violence, a predator mixes in with the crowd, and in an egalitarian society, they stick out like sore thumb."

Thus ultimate responsibility cannot be placed in any one countries, or on any single Rulers behaviour, but on all, equally. Hitler was not to blame, alone, for WWII. The responsibility lies with the system of competing militarised powers...

3. That so many died then, and are being murdered, maimed and displaced today by this dynamic of competing militarised powers is indicative of a pathology. The UK and US escalated the violence in Iraq, Afghanistan with direct military intervention, and indirectly in Libya and Syria..... what does that tell you about the prevailing culture of rulers, and the submission of their populations to that culture of violence that we, as tax payers, fund?

In England, income tax was introduced as a way to fund the Napoleonic Wars, as a temporary measure. We are still funding war. We are funding and enabling psychopathic behaviour, and people are being harmed... No one in the mainstream, few in Academia , none of the institutionalised state religions will acknowledge this truth. Why?

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Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Neoliberalism, Henry Spencer, Darwin misread, Nudge Theory and the UK's DWP as doctrinal extremists.

Let me get straight to the point here.

Survival of the Fittest is a caricature, one which when taken literally and applied to human social behavioiur voids the evidence base and replaces it with a violent mindset that runs counter to sociality as a ,marker of our species.

Human Rights are privileges granted to or negotiated for by the grass roots from Power within a violent hierarchy They can be withdrawn at a whim. As they frequently are. As the DWP in the UK are so ably demonstrating in their treatment of disabled and vulnerable people.

Our most natural expectations relate to life within a egalitarian setting, which is our innate biological mandate. More on that below.

Respect, love, kindness, connection, empathy.

Human Rights Law does not protect or nurture, it is a sop to the concept of Justice rather than a robust framework for justice.


NeoLiberalism, Henry Spencer, Nudge and the DWP

”One of the most famous proponents of individualism as a moral project was Herbert Spence.

His ideas on liberty were derived from natural science (he originated the term ‘survival of the fittest’ some time before Darwin published ‘On The Origin of Species’). Individuals and societies prospered alike according to competition, he argued. In nature those who worked and overcame the harsh natural environment flourished, whilst the weak lost out.

In the modern world economic competition took the place of nature. Pure liberty consisted in everyone exerting his or her energies for private selfish ends; the outcome of self interest would result in harmony, the free market naturally supplying all the needs and wants of a diverse population.

Every citizen had a moral duty to better himself independent of of hindrance or help alike from the state. Any attempt by the state to help the poor might seem benevolent, but it would in fact have disastrous consequences…

To help the poor then would diminish liberty, and liberty of action in the economic field was the ‘vital’ condition of a progressive society driven forward by the unrestrained exertions of its members. Any theory of freedom should contain the freedom to fail, even if it was painful to members of society to witness the deprivation of their neighbours.

Relief of poverty would make the lowest members of society dependent and therefore less inspired to work hard.

’Society in its corporate capacity, cannot without immediate or remoter disaster interfere with the play of these opposed principles under which every species has reached such fitness for its mode of life as it possesses, and under which it maintains its fitness.

Written in the age of Darwin, these words had an immediate resonance. They were also familiar from the language of modern political economy and Protestantism: that of self-reliance and self-abnegation in the present for benefits in the future. It was the idea that the world was so ordered that the industrious enjoyed the fruits of their diligence while the slothful and immoral were visibly punished in this life by the rags of poverty.”

Page 152, What Price Liberty by Ben Wilson…

So there you have it, the core psycho-social justification for the impositions of the DWP, Nudge Theory; saving the tax payer money, ‘improving peoples behaviour’ are merely the device used to cover it.  

The poor are to be punished for being poor by removing any support provided by the State, the seriously wealthy to be rewarded with access to Power to impose their will which necessarily meets their needs above all others…. the fact that poverty is an outcome of unjust social systems, (unjust because they are rigged by powerful networks of established power, economic, military and religious/ideological to meet the needs of the powerful - their need to maintain dominance over the State and the people)  is ignored, and denied.

”Liberty was the space that modern man had to expend his energies and talents; the outcome was natural justice - survival of the fittest.”

This remains as the base of Neoliberalism, and is also a widely indoctrinated and internalised value - survival of the fittest, adversarial competition, alpha male, nationalism, flag waving, misogyny - across the grass roots of the dominant culture, and it is, of course, utterly false and deeply toxic. It is also a frequently applied post hoc justification for immense cruelty.


So what to do with all this?

Huge question, and here are a few rapidly written ideas to start working with...

The main thing is adult child relationships, and how we heal those traditional dynamics of parent as authority, and child as possession, or subject.

England still refuses to ban parents from slapping children.

That says a lot, to me, about the social and institutional psychology of England, and all that English power has influenced.

The healing is under way. It is slowly emerging, as accurate information, science and experience, is being shared across the grass roots, through a myriad of communication channels. Shared knowledge, shared insight helps with the recovery process.

On a personal level one has to focus on evidence, and be able to discern disinformation, deliberate or misled. That is key, learning how to think for one self, and how to question, check, confirm, debunk - that is for the education system and parents to deal with in the first instance... but it is also a best standard practice when using the net or a library...

Abuses are being confronted,all over the world, always by the Survivors in the first instance, and their advocates, and with some minimal support from Society and the grass roots, who tend not to get too involved - eg: the Vatican and other Institutions issues with protecting their status by covering up abuse - that should be a matter for ALL people, not just those directly involved... Iraq War Crimes, again a matter for ALL tax payers in the UK, whose taxes funded those War Crimes.

We need to shift away a little form single issues, and zone in on bullying behaviours in any institutional setting and confront them for what they are. and at work, at play.....

Racsim, Sexism, Genderism, Sectarianism, adversarial behaviour, it's all bullying.... each with it's own set of false assumptions and falsified rationalisations. An action rationalised by some text, that ignores or seeks to mitigate the value of the harms caused is falsified....

Indoctrination of children must be outlawed, it must be rejected as the intrusion into the mind of the child,  abrogating the rights of the child.

Change comes over generations, each must put their back into the oars and row that boat further on it's voyage...

There's more too; permaculture, ceasing intrusions into the lands of aboriginal peoples, acknowledging those cultures, and their land tenure as valid and sustainable human cultures. Learning more about the biology of egalitarian behaviour, of mutual nurture systems, our most basic mode of life…

I see this work, this healing, this struggle and effort in the historical context, going back to before writing, way back before Empires, Kings, further back to ancient aboriginal cultures world wide who lived sustainably, in good health, for hundreds of thousands of years and who, in spite of being called 'primitive', nurtured the world whey were part of... enhanced it.... they were gardener/gatherer/hunters ..... they sowed wild seeds of all available food plants as they roamed,. reseeding each patch, ensuring future food supplies.... obviously.... what matters is that their relationships were unsullied by oppression, and tended to be closer to the biological mandate for sustainable healthy human social behaviour....

It is those relationships we need to re-awaken, and they will then alter the existing culture, over time....

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Thank you for reading this blog. 

All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find, and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. 

The rest is easy.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Carrilion, Democracy and Competing by Eating the Competition

We hear this week, yet again, the narrative of a business, by the cool name of Carillion, handling billions of pounds worth of Government contracts and outsourced public services in known financial difficulties, still getting those contracts, which were used to provide the illusion of a thriving business, while a group of executives were re-writing the terms of their contracts to indemnify them against future indictments for any failures of any kind which caused, or failed to prevent, those avoidable financial difficulties, and thus protecting their various bonuses the company paid them, unless fraud can be proven.

A get-away car. 

'Mistakes and errors can look like fraud, but they are not legally fraud."

So one way to do the job is to make obvious and not so obvious errors, make it look like incompetence.

Privateers and their off-shore Carribean treasure troves..... The Panama Papers, a  Rizla (tm) of what exists today.

The original privateers were a much earlier version of 'outsourced military capability' on behalf of the State. The East India Company also operated as a Legislative, and as a form of Governance, which provided the infrastructure to bring resources to factories and goods to market, as well as supply lines for military operations. Cue G4S being suggested as a back up police force... 

And, of course, there was direct involvement, and therefore responsibility and liability in and for these failures by Government officials and the 'civil service' departments who carried out their orders. 

The Minister does not prepare the detail of the contracts, does not visit the detail of the policy, or look at the adverse outcomes as information that would alter the implementation of the policy - the Minister sets the 'course' and then bends the civil service to make that shape appear. The course must be maintained and the Minister has that legal right to impose policy, and the frontline staff and managment must follow orders, or lose their job.

In all of this, where is Democracy? 

No matter who one votes in or out, this obvious revolving door between the Corporate Sector and Government continues. The voices of the people are nowhere else in the process.

Democracy for the 21st Century.

Democracy in the 21st Century - what would it look like?... if one took a material, rational, evidence based approach to Governance funded by a shared subscription, funded by ordinary grass roots humanity, which is what we have - we are society's true beating heart. and if we took that situation, irrespective of its past, irrespective of the extant inequities, that we are funding Goverment, as the basis for moving forwards.

We pay their wages, we instruct them.

We have a direct socially shared responsibility, to one another, as funders of the Government and Civil Services, as it'scollective financial guarantors - the Government borrows on that basis.
We pay their wages, we instruct.
To step up to that plate.
That is our praxis Our task.
The setting of an evidentiial basis for policy deliberation based on our collective deliberations demands that the sordid adversarial political bi-polar behaviour be diagnosed - it is bullying and only transparency can confront that.
For example the isssue of Brexit ought be an exploration of the existing situatiion, a deliberation rather than a adversarial debate. Winners create losers. The urge to wn begest lies and deceit. That is not healthy Governance, and belies the claims of 'British Democracy' as a leading edge in the world.
Pitting peolle against each other is not healthy, and it is certainly not Democracy. Labour vs Conservatives. It's blatantly ridiculous, and unfit for the purpose of healthy 21st Century civil Governance.
What we have is a mime of true democracy, a shadow of a genuine and socially nurturing democracy that serves the people, and preserves justice and equity.
Reducing political engagement to a vote is X-factor thinking.
The Tories, New Labour, the propaganda, the media and the carefully crafted narratives and our consumption of these is a symptom. The Systemic, Institutionalised Competing Powers dynamic, the competing bully system is the problem. The fact that this very concept is fully accepted amongst Governments is hugely problematic, as the resources diverted from the common, shared pool to maintain that 'game' cause untold harms.
Countering that must never become an ideology, It must always be a cintinuum of dynamic response, learning and growth matched with effort.
The 21st Century AD and the 60th Century BC are calling for egalitarian, healthy human societies to emerge from oppression memory, knowledge and collective effort, rather than force (which has only ever maintained the cycles of violence, natruallly enough).
Privateers are well named.

If you know your history. Outsourcing military capability and resource capture.
This kind of behaviour is a core abuse of power pattern that is institutionalised, normalised.
It is given a pseudo-science validation by way of 'survival of the fittest'. This is done in ways that suggest that the fundamental biological drive of 'competition' is all encompassing, where it's not so much about being better or growing and maturing ans nurturing, as it is about (b)eating the other.
This, of course, is a blase caricature of what happens in biology, rather than an accurate, science based, experience based assessment.
I blame 'education' for maintaining that misunderstanding.
So yeah the culture of dog-eat-dog is a social construct that the bullies project because that is what they do. Problem is that it causes avoidable harms for all the ordinary folk, the grass roots, the indigenous and aboriginal, men, women and child - avoidable harms.
Any shared or collective resource diverted away from the common weal undermines the functioning of that weal.
Turning public service into private enterprise is no more than prostitution and mercenarianism.
Privateers are well named. If you know your history.

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"Do what you love, it's Your Gift to Universe"

Thank you for reading this blog. All we need to do is be really honest, responsive to the evidence we find,and ready to reassess when new evidence emerges. The rest is easy.